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Who We Are

What We Do

Sagiate Solutions is a group of professionals with experience more than 20 years in the Industry. Our team of experts in various fields like Audio, Acoustics, Information Technology, Electrical & Electronics and Finance strongly believe that the purpose of an audio visual system is effective communication between two persons, be it a one on one communication, a group to group communication, a presenter to audience communication, etc. Effective communication is achieved when the audio and video images are in synch and the system reproduces the source as is, be it sound reproduction or video projection.

Great expertise is required in understanding the clients’ requirements, and design and execute an AV solution for a facility. We believe that a client’s need should define the solution, not the solution defining the need of a client. Understanding the need of the client and designing the right solution at reasonable price is our prime focus.

Solution Offered

  • Professional Home Cinema Solutions
  • Retail / Hospitality
  • Corporate – AV solutions
  • Auditoriums
  • Portable Audio solutions
  • Houses of Worship
  • Stadiums / Large Arenas

Coverage: We cover Pan India cities including tier 2 & tier 3

System Integration

We provide premium quality sound reinforcement systems for back ground music (BGM) solutions, Fore-ground music (FGM) solutions, and performance applications be it a Voice Range, Full Range or Extended frequency range applications. When it comes to video, crystal clear images with appropriate brightness and reliability is our prime focus be it a conventional screen-projector system or the latest Hi-Res displays. We use state of the art simulation softwares for predicting the performance of AV systems proposed for a facility.


System Integration:
Bose, QSC, Toa, Samsung, Christie, Barco, EUROS etc…

We are authorised regional distributor for Bose Professional installed sound products for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


H.No.2-1-8/133/NR, III Floor, Saraswathi Nagar, Uppal, Hyderabad - 500039, Telangana
Contact: 040 – 2988 0588


Major Projects

Our solutions are designed to have a positive impact for our customers and the people and communities they serve.

Kanha Santivanam

The meditation hall structure, comprising one central hall and eight secondary halls, is spread over 30 acres and can accommodate 100,000 practitioners at one go, ...


making it the largest closed meditation centre in the world.

Bose ArenaMatch Line Array speakers with Bose DeltaQ technology were chosen for the auditorium to deliver high quality sound with precision. Bose Modular Steerable Arrays were deployed in the Main Meditation Hall for speech intelligibility to cover a 50,000 seating capacity. Attached to the Main Meditation Hall are six satellite halls with a seating capacity of 8000 each. Bose Panaray Modular Array speakers were deployed in satellite halls for speech intelligibility. All the halls were inter-connected with a fiber optic cable for flexible audio signal routing.

Shilparamam – Madhapur

The state-of-the art amphitheatre at Shilparamam has a whopping seating capacity of 1,500. It can host cultural performances, dance dramas, art related workshops, art events, etc.


Sagiate Systems Pvt Ltd designed an extended range, weather resistant, performance application, audio solution for the prestigious amphi-theatre at Shilparamam with Bose LT Loudspeakers and Yamaha Mixer to meet Client’s requirements.

Ethnic Hall, Shilparamam – Madhapur

Shilparamam is developed with an ethnic hall that emphasizes the right mix of ethnic sculpture, artistic art-forms, folk artifacts, carvings done by great artists, elegant architecture, etc.


This hall promotes the rich culture and heritage and enthrals the visitors.

Sagiate Systems Pvt Ltd designed a full range, weather resistant audio solution with Bose Panaray 802 loudspeakers to meet both speech and cultural activity requirements in the space.

Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara

Expansive Buddhist center offering meditation in a serene hilltop setting with views & a garden. A peaceful place for meditation and reflection.


It’s a Buddhist vihara where monks stay and practise Dhamma.

Sagiate Systems Pvt Ltd designed a vocal range audio system for the prayer hall, an acoustically challenging space, with Bose Panaray Modular Array Loudspeakers to deliver good speech intelligibility throughout the listening area.

Shanti Sarovar – Lecture Hall

Shanti Sarovar – An Academy for a Better World, Brahma Kumaris - provides seminars, lectures and experiential workshops in meditation, positive values, stress free living and self-management.


The Centre supports individuals in recognising their own inherent qualities and abilities and bringing out their inner most potential.

Sagiate Systems Pvt Ltd designed a full range audio solution for the lecture hall with Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers for excellent speech quality and intelligibility.

Cafeteria - Woxsen University

Woxsen School of Business, established in 2014, as an autonomous institution and declared as Woxsen University on 20 May 2020. WOU is among the first private universities of Telangana.


It is located on a 200-acre, residential campus at Hyderabad.

Sagiate Systems Pvt Ltd designed an extended range audio solution for rich BGM in the Cafeteria located at the entrance of the administrative building. Bose FreeSpace Omni solution was deployed in this facility to deliver high quality music with room filling Bass.